Thursday, June 14, 2012

Boston and Back

Our friend Terry Chunn came out to spend part of his vacation with us.  Terry had never been to the East Coast before so it was very cool to show him around Portland and take him down to Boston.  He and JK walked the Freedom Trail and later that afternoon while JK attended to some work issues, Terry and I tasted a bit of the Museum of Fine Arts, one of my favorite places.  Being one of the oldest museums in the country, it has an amazing variety of art and sculpture plus a little Puritan room down in the basement.

This JMW Turner was one of my favorites.  He's a British Romantic era painter whose work has such energy and almost goes into abstraction!

 My other favorite is this piece by Ab Ex painter Joan Mitchell.  I think her work has a similar energy, although perhaps a bit muted by her time living in Paris.

Terry is now on the train going to New York City and I'm gallery sitting this afternoon down at Constellation Gallery, in the arts district of Portland.  My BFF Kate will be out here to visit in a couple of weeks and we'll take her down to Boston too, as she's never been there.  I'm hoping that we can hit the newly re-opened Isabella Stewart Gardiner Museum.

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