Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Busy as a Bee in Springtime

So sorry gentle readers that life got so busy I didn't have time to post!  Well it seemed that way at the time.  But now the art is all up in Falmouth at the Couleur Collection, a lovely boutique that also doubles as a gallery space because owner Marcie Feller is also an artist herself!  They are showing my (mostly) floral digital woodcuts.  I had a meeting with Marcie at the store this morning to discuss the artists' reception, I'm sharing the wall space with several other artists. 

As I was driving back, I had to stop at the UPS store in Falmouth to drop off a package of something that needed to be returned.  As I pulled into the parking lot this was what I was greeted with
This sweet dog was in the store next door and was just having a look see out the window.  By the time I got my camera phone out of my purse and got out of the car, he was gone.  But I could see him inside, so I called him over so I could take his photo. 

Another thing that has been taking up some time is my volunteer work as a PR consultant to the Portland Performing Arts Festival.  It's been a great opportunity to meet some new people who are also interested in the arts.  I'm most excited about seeing Allison Chase's new dance-theatre company perform.  It will be the first time her new group performs in public since her nasty break-up with Pilobolus, where she was once the founding artistic director. 

As soon as we have the artists' reception May 3rd, I will post the photos of the art on the walls.  But I'd really like you Maine folks to come out to the reception which will be between 5 and 7 pm.