Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Winter's Last Gasp

was heard here in Portland Maine sometime during the night or early morning.  We got about an inch and it was melted by noon.  I took this photo with the phone and then manipulated it in photoshop to get some Easter candy color into it.  What amazes me still about the snow days here is how bright they are.  The photo was almost like a black and white and it took some time with both the curves filter as well as copying the image and using different blending modes in the layers to get these delicate hues.

In other art news, I got a call from a darling little clothing store where I have shopped up in Falmouth.  They not only carry one of my favorite designers (Eileen Fisher) but they also have art shows.  Last time I was in there I must have mentioned that I thought my floral digital woodcuts would look good in there to the woman who handles the art shows.  Got an email from her last week asking me to show exactly that!  I was so jazzed that I also ended up taking a shot from last summer of these great pink lillies and giving them the digital woodcut treatment.  I really like the result.

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