Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MoPho Forever

The hubby and doggie and I are off on a little trip to the south to visit my Sista in Savannah.  On the way down, we're driving, we crossed this huge bridge and tunnel that crosses the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.  We had driven from southern New Jersey down the Delaware shore just to see this part of the country.  The following is a photo taken with my android cell phone using an app called PaperCam.

While I wouldn't put  this in a show, I do think it goes a step beyond your typical travel photo.  In such the same way that photography is considered a fine art, cell phone photography is as well.

Joe Nalven, one of the moderators for the DigitalFineArts Guild & Yahoo group,  wrote a blog for the San Diego paper about aesthetics and cell phone photography which you can find here

Another luminary in the Digital Art World, Harald Johnson, came up with a great new term for this style of art.... and I thought I'd  share his response from the Digital Fine Art Yahoo group:

"Good blog, Joe, and good conversation-starter here. And I agree with your
changing the branded term "iPhoneography," but I think "cellphoneography" misses
the mark as well. I take pictures with my iPodtouch and my iPad, all using the
same/similar apps, and neither of which is a cellphone. But they are all mobile
devices. Hence, the better term (IMHO): "mobileography". Or: "MoPho" for short.
And Mobileography just rolls off the tongue better, don't you think? And MoPho has all kinds of racy, off-color connotations that make it especially attractive to artists, buyers, and the press. Think Marketing! (!)"

I like the way you think Harald.... it's MoPho for me!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Knowing Your Rights

I've been meaning to post something in the past six months about the rights photographers have to take pictures of anything on public property.  This great photo blog I follow (A Photo Editor) has been running interesting articles over the past few months about that very subject.  I've kept saving those emails for reference and realize that if I don't post something about it now, I never will.  So click HERE for a silly video but good information from the ACLU.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Art to Acting

Doing a double again after getting back from a wonderful week on the west coast - niece's wedding and visit to family and friends in Sacramento.  Before I left, I auditioned for a few minor roles for Bluebird, a movie written and directed by Lance Edmands (originally from Kennebunk) which was being filmed north of Bangor, Maine.  I got a callback and read for them and then it was time to get on that jet plane.  While I was in San Francisco with my dear friend Kate Maney, I got a call that they really wanted me for a featured extra part. 

I've been doing films off and on since 1996 and I swore that I would never be an extra (or "the meat" as one director called us) again.  But I had to reconsider this time.  Edmands is an up and coming writer/director (Sundance award winner) and I was told they "really" wanted me and would be able to reimburse me for mileage (shoot site was 3.5 hours north of Portland). 

This is his first feature film and he's written a drama that deals with the relationships of people to the landscape and set it in his home state.  How could I not help a young artist realize one of his dreams.  As artists (no matter what genre we work in) I feel we have an obligation to help each other as much as we can.  I certainly did with giving young actors and directors opportunities when I was running my theatre company in Sacramento (Beyond the Proscenium Productions). 

Although the call time was like working in radio news again, I'm glad I did it.  This cast and crew had it going on.  No silly-shallying as I've experienced in other films, but a tight, professionally run ship captained by a young man I think is going to make quite a name for himself and for Maine as a movie-making destination..  

Now, back to visual art.  I'm finishing up a commission piece for Amie and Jamie and I still need to wire a digital collage on canvas for the Belles Lettres exhibit at Altered Esthetics in Minneapolis and get it to Fed Ex by week's end.  I'm so grateful that I can move from genre to genre and work with wonderful people!