Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Glistening with Probabilities

Almost sounds dirty doesn't it?  Maybe that's why the phrase came to me a week or so ago and apparently has been in my mind since.  Now a bright new year is opening before us and of course I have a few things in mind for this year.  I want to submit a piece to a Professional Women Photographers show in New York and go to the reception!  I intend to sell more art and find a Maine gallery to rep me.   I also intend to do a full staged reading of Orestes 3.0 at the Portland Fringe Fest.  I intend to finish the commissioned piece for Aime and Jamie before their new baby is born.  I  was surprised at how I blocked myself so many times working on that piece.  But I showed them four different versions of ways I could head and got some good feedback from them.

Another thing I did at the very beginning of the year was to enter a piece or work in a show at Altered Esthetics in Minneapolis.  I thought "Power of Words" would be a great piece for their Belles Lettres exhibition and apparent they thought so too, as it was juried in!  They will get the 3rd in a limited edition run of 25.  If you'd like your print on either canvas or paper, go to my sales site to get it.

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