Saturday, December 29, 2012

We're Funded!!!

The reason you haven't had an update recently is that with the work I have to do as one of Santa's elves, combined with traveling down to Savannah to spend the holiday with my sista and encouraging folks to donate money to fund my next art project... there just wasn't enough time!  But now, I'm happy to report that we are funded at 101%!  I'm delirious, over the moon and filled with joy and love for my friends and family who are backing me on this next one!

NOW the work begins with gathering props and small bits of costuming (because I haven't been able to find someone to work with here in Portland), scheduling shoot times with my models and with the studio owner and then shooting the eight poses that I've chosen.

But in the meantime, enjoy this short video of my dog Crash tearing his Christmas toy apart...
One of the things that I hope to do with these 3 Graces tapestries, other than raise environmental awareness, is to once more blur the line between photography and painting.  I've been doing just that throughout my career as a digital alchemist beginning in 1998.  So it's always interesting when art writers focus on the famous people now doing that when we little people have been doing it much longer....  special thanks to my friends at the Digital Art Guild Yahoo Group who originally posted this article. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pledges are Coming in

I can't thank our sponsors and donors enough for their support for my "3 Graces for Environmental Awareness" project.  And the good folks at US Artists Projects.  If you click on the link above, you'll see that we're 25% funded with 18 more days to go.   I remember the first time I saw this at the Louvre.

I kept wondering why one had a hat on and the significance of the jewelry draped around their necks.  They were the ladies of 1531 and that's how they rolled.  I'm already thinking of ways our  modern ladies will look as we re-create these paintings from art history.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

We're Off and Running

So far, we've reached the 19% funding mark on 3 Graces for Environmental Awareness!   Big thanks yous to the folks that have already contributed and have shared the project with their friends. 

Yesterday was First Friday in downtown Portland so I was at the gallery and finally caught up with the November winner of my monthly "sign up for my email list and you could win a print from this bin" thingie.  Funny how Heather picked a print that almost matched her eyes and hat!

We chose a new winner last night for December.... Jane Macomer.  I'll email you Jane to find a time to meet you at the gallery to pick your print. 

Until then, please buy your holiday gifts from artists, artisans and local businesses.  It's really all about sustainability folks!  OK... climbing off my soap box now.

Friday, November 30, 2012

It's Live

After spending all week working on the application (all artists need to get vetted to apply for this) and then working up a budget, contacting places for studio rentals, contacting models, getting a line on costume and props folks and making a video pitch....

3 Graces Project for Environmental Awareness

You can help me with my next art project! Any and all donations are welcome and are tax deductible!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

GIving Thanks

Thank you gentle reader for being there to listen to not only my rants and raves, but my idle speculations and small time boasts.  I'm truly grateful for your interest and support.  The new show is being hung at Constellation Gallery for the holiday season, so I thought I would share my wacky video with you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with all that you desire and love!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Come to the Star Gala

Here are the pieces that I will have up for auction

Green Graces - limited edition giclee on canvas
Gong to Maine - Original Acrylic on Canvas
Quest - Digital Fractal Painting - limited edition giclee on canvas
Summer Glory - Digital Woodcut - limited edition giclee on canvas

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No More Political Ads

I'm so grateful that the elections are over and the little TV that I watch will not be bloated with lies and half truths.  I would love to do a public art project that would include the purchase of TV spots that informed people that most ads are, well, lies or half truths.  I might make a few 30 spots that could air on Vimeo or You Tube.  But enough about me, how are you?

Do you often feel that you are not as talented as the other kids  artists?  Sometimes after looking at particularly good work, I feel a little inadequate as a creative person.  It's that moment of doubt that always comes over us just as we're about to take that leap off whatever cliff we have come up against.  Then I have to remind myself that we're all different and stars in our own rights.  Then, I see things like this.  I remember that I do have my own kind of crazy magic.

In other news, the winner of a print from the Ann Tracy room at Constellation Gallery is Katelyn Payne!  Come own down and pick out your print.  Since next month is December, I think I'll give away two prints, so be sure to come to Constellation for first Friday if you're in Portland.

and finally, what do you think of this?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Dona Nobis Pacem

My face is a little red right now because this was supposed to post automatically yesterday.  Apparently some operator error is part of the problem. 
It's November 4th, time for bloggers to fly their Peace Globes.  This year's addition is "Time for the Power of Peace".   But let's let everyday be a Peace Day.  If we can carry enough love in our hearts, I think we can find a peaceful world.

One of the great thinkers in the Peace Movement is Judith Hand.  She is both a writer and a scientist and has written an eye-opening book called "Women, Power and the Biology of Peace.  It's available as a free E-book and  you can find it HERE.

One of the things I see as a major impediment to peace, is the lack of women in politics.  We women do have a responsibility to bring peace to the world.  Let's all do our parts!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dodged the Bullet, Again

Remember Hurricane Irene?  It was last year, near the end of August.  It looked like it would wreak havoc all over New England, but it was mostly Connecticut, and parts of Massachusetts, then up on into Vermont and upstate New York that caught most of the damage.  Same thing with Sandy here in Portland.  We got rain, wind and some of us (lucky me) didn't even lose power.  But what a mess Manhattan is in now.  Folks up in Connecticut were also hit hard.  My sympathy and condolences to those who lost loved ones in this storm.

The photo was taken at Short Sands Beach in the town of York.  That's just down the road from Cape Neddick where I lived as a kid.  I can remember feeling the energy of the hurricanes and nor'easters we had and always wanting to run down to the beach, which my wise mother forbid.

I forgot to tell you about the winner of a print for October's First Friday at my mini-gallery inside Constellation Gallery.  The October Print Winner is.... Heather Chandler.  I don't have a photo of her because you don't have to be present to win and she wasn't around when I picked the winner.

Did I tell you about our trip to the Fryeburg Fair?  I used to live in that town too before my family moved to Cape Neddick, but I digress.  One of the best things about the fair was the goats!  Who knew that you could fall in love with goats!!  I was so enamored that I had to take some photos and even did a goat portrait.  So who would be interested in my goaty images?  My friend Margaret, comic genius behind Nanny Goats in Panties!  Go click on this link for her blog and then page back to read some of her other posts. 

Meanwhile, I'm stewing over creating a marketing piece for the gallery's Nov 14th fundraiser and I'm already behind the timeline....

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sorry Zeva

Three out of 30, not a bad average for being in a photo a day challenge!  Well, not bad for me as it's the first one I think I had ever done.  And when you add the art projects I had going, along with the PR consulting, along with having two sets of company come visiting and overlapping... well you get the idea.  But the other day as I was driving the short 2 mile distance to drop off art for the new show at Constellation Gallery, I saw this:

but what I was going to blog about today is from another blog that is geared strictly to photographers.  Many commercial photographers send out direct mail to agencies they would like to work for.  But now, with social media rising, that may or may not be the best way to go about promoting yourself.  This probably holds true for artists as well.  I remember reading something a few years ago about way to approach a gallery and one thing they said was NOT to keep sending them postcards of your work. 

What do you say my friends?  Traditional promotional tools of direct mail or sending folks email with links?

Friday, October 12, 2012

This Little Piggy

Today is the 12th day of the 30 day photo challenge hosted via Zeva's Inferno and as I sat in Constellation Gallery yesterday doing my sitting duty, I kept thinking about 5 and then I choose the cheap shot - my foot!  Five little piggies ... but thru the lens of the PaperCam app on my 'Droid!

I finally got those photos of the Fryeberg Fair up at my Flickr site and do I have one spectacular sunset shot.  I've also got it up at the Fine Art America site as well.

Hope ya'll have a great weekend.  We have some friends coming into town for a week and then another friend showing up midweek for a few days.  Should be big fun.  It's also getting to be fall around these parts and the hubby brought in all the tomatoes before they could freeze.  Tonight's menu?  Fried green tomatoes along with shrimp and cheesy grits - we're gonna eat like Southerners!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Two for One

Since I missed yesterday's deadline for the Zeva's Inferno 30 days of Photos III, I'm going to make up for it by posting yesterday's theme (stalker) and today's theme (heavy).

This is my dog Crash stalking me in the studio.  Yes, he's stalking me for food because he's bored downstairs.

This is rather difficult to do today as I'm gallery sitting at Constellation Gallery this afternoon until 4 pm.  So my source of photos right now is whatever I have on Facebook or Flickr.

You know the day might be a heavy one if Zombies are Ahead!  Yes, this is from this morning's Portland Press Herald.  Tomorrow in addition to the topic of  "Five", you'll finally get to see some photos from the Fryeberg Fair!  Including Goats, Hear that Margaret Andrews?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Photo a Day - Day 9

My friend Margaret over at the Nanny Goats in Panties blog is participating in a photo a day project put together by Zeva's Inferno.  When I saw today's theme, "Rules", I had to join up with them even though I'm starting this on day 9.  You see I remembered I had this great photo

See what I mean?  I posted this on Facebook almost two years ago, but it's perfect! I also wanted Marget to see the goat photos from the Fryeberg Fair.  But that will have to come tomorrow!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Just One More Reason to Love Portland

This afternoon, we had ourselves one, fine cultured time!  Ya'll know what a big modern dance fan I am (after being a dancer/choreographer in my salad days) and I wanted to see the newest piece of work from a company I'm not familiar with - Bridgeman|Packer Dance.  Saturdays are generally just another working day for me and the hubby, but I wanted to catch the first performance of the day at 2 pm.  We decided to have lunch out and then see the show.  Had a great salmon Cesar at the DogFish Bar & Grill over on Free St, while JK scarfed down some very good bison chili.  We popped in over at Space gallery to see their special show of Alison Pebworth's work in Beautiful Possibility.  WOW... it was a great show and if you get a chance to see it where you live (she is traveling with it), run to see it.  Here's a couple of examples

It's a brilliant show and then it was off to the dance concert over at Maine College of Art or MECA as it's called.  The audience was allowed to explore the set if we took off our shoes so we wouldn't mar the dance floor surface.  Which I did and got this shot
I don't think I have ever see such fine integration of video into performance.  They also used live video in the performance which made for an amazing show.  I was sitting next to an older woman (maybe late 70s?) who had never seen the group before either.  I had a feeling that she would have been more comfortable at a ballet performance, but gave her kudos for being adventurous.  If you have the chance to catch a performance by this duo, by all means do it.  You won't be disappointed as long as you don't need a strong narrative line to hold your attention.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Interview Time

I was interviewed the other day by a young man who is helping us at Constellation Gallery.  I thought it was going to be on the website but it's HERE.  For those of you in Portland, I'll be showing some of my iPod Touch photos of Bonaventure in the little space inside Constellation.  See you for First Friday!
Gotta give photo credit to Jude McElroy for this one of me shooting in the rain in Savannah.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Does my Face Look Yellow?

The reason I ask is that I've got egg all over it!  I got confused about which video I entered in the Center for Contemporary Art's Open Reel: 3 Minutes in 30 Days competition won for Best Sound.  It was actually Zombie Kickball which I underscored with Phylis Leeke's original composition for piano and clarinet "Reggae".  You can watch it here.

Friday, September 28, 2012

On the Boards and Screen

Pictured above are the actors who made up the cast of Orestes 3.0, which was the first play reading of the season for PlayLab, a project of the SnowLion Repertory Theatre company here in Portland.  Margit Ahlin pulled together a first rate cast for this final reading of my take on the Greek Orestes tale combined with elements of the modern world - a pastiche or collage if you will.  I think it helps to bring an immediacy to the ancient Greek text that is hard to find in a "straight" production.  Many thanks to all the actors and to director Al D'Andrea for their hard work.  The next day I made it my imperative to consider all the feedback I got from the other playwrights in the group as well as the actors and did the final edit.  The new improved Orestes 3.0 is now 8 pages shorter and more focused.  Thanks PlayLab I could not have done this without all of you!  Now the even harder part, sending out the play.
Al D'Andrea and members of PlayLab

And in other exciting news, The Center for Contemporary Art is Sacramento notified me that I won for Best Use of Sound in their 2012 Open Reel Competition: 3 Minutes in 30 Days.  I was jazzed to receive it and wished I could have been out on the West Coast.  You can see the video here.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lucky Winner for September

Remember Electric Landscape?  It was part of my Power: Grids and Shapes show at Asylum Gallery back in 2008.  At Constellation Gallery, I have a basket of older prints and a/p (artist's proofs) that I have in on a table and I invite folks to sign up for my mailing list and maybe win one of these prints.  So for September, drum roll please, our winner is Deanna DeAngelis of  Snyder, NY!  I'm very glad that this print will have a good home.

Right now I've got three little abstract paintings at Constellation gallery that will be up until Sept 24th.
Going to Maine

Emotional Landscape: For Gerhard

Emotional Landscape: Gothic

Next month's show there is called "Fire before Ice" and I will be submitting one older piece and another newer piece from the Potency of Memory series that I think suits the theme. 

Meanwhile, on the theatre side of the aisle, SnowLion Repertory's Play Lab is giving my Orestes 3.0 a reading next week.  I'm very excited about it and can't wait to hear it aloud to see if there are any more drastic changes I need to make before sending it off to theatres looking for new work.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Yes, dear reader, there is a reason you haven't seen a post lately.  It's been hella busy this month, which is a good thing.  Not only was our niece Marlies out for a visit at the beginning, but my sister came out to help celebrate my birthday.  We took a trip to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.  You can see some photos of it here.  Then I had a sublime artistic experience - taking a workshop called Figure in the Landscape with Elizabeth Opalenik.  Click here to go to her website.  She is a marvel and so inspiring to learn from.  So now I have these wonderful images from the workshop that I can't quite get to yet. 

I'm finally getting to work on the images I took in Savannah at Bonaventure Cemetery that I took in the rain when we drove down to visit my sister.  Why now?  Because next month, the theme for the juried show at Constellation is Freak Show and it's getting into the spooky Halloween time of the  year.  Here is a shot taken with the iPod using the Hipstamatic app and then manipulated a wee bit in Photoshop.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Big Winner

Last night was Portland's First Friday Art Walk.  To celebrate our new Urban Scene show at Constellation Gallery, I decided that some of my older prints needed a good home.  So I made up a little sign and put some slips out so folks could write down their names and email addresses and picked a winner at 7:30.

The winner was Ginny Jarvi, an art collector and installation artist who lives in Portland.  We had a great time chatting about my work and art in general.  Thanks to all the folks who came out to the gallery.  I'll be doing the same thing next month and who knows, there may be some new prints in the print basket that's in my studio space.  Thanks to all the folks who entered and are helping me build a local email list.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Video

Tracy A 1 from Ann Tracy on Vimeo.

Just finished this video and sent it off to a competition at the Center for Contemporary Art in Sacramento.  It started out with a vastly different theme that what it is now.  I've made this in much the same way that I create many of my digital collages and paintings.  I keep putting things together until it seems right. 

I would describe this as a meditative collage dealing with women and our hormonal issues.  It began to change when I saw those old (public domain) videos about sex and family matters, then music began to suggest itself as did certain imagery.

And to make today a wonderful day, I just sold this piece at my Fine Art America sales site!  Now, off to a meeting with some neighborhood artists.  I hope that I can talk them into trying to get together a studio tour for this end of town.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Visual Lexicon

This is a piece in progress called Visual Lexicon.  I started it after reading this funny, yet right on article about critics and conceptual art in Hyperallergic, (which along with Paddy Johnson's Art Fag City are my favorite art reads).

I think I might make a whole Visual Lexicon series!  I love taking some of that "special" art speak and using it in my artwork.  It's a way for me to thumb my nose at those in the art world who take themselves waaaaaay too seriously.  As to why the foreign language and what it is?  That's for the "critics" to decipher. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Fun

My dear friend Kate came out to visit on the 1st of July and was able to stay until the 9th.  If you're interested in seeing where we went and what we did,  check out the Flickr site.  I'm back to posting on Flickr again, as the timelines have gotten so screwy in Facebook of late.  Kate and I have been friends since 1983 when we first has offices in the scary scenic Gilroy Hotel.  She worked for an assembly member and I was the news and public affairs director for KWSS radio.  We took one of those sightseeing trollys in Boston (Old Town Trolly Tours) and it was miserable.  First they lied to use when they sold us tickets (saying the trolly went to the Museum of Fine Arts, but it doesn't); then most of the drivers are yelling into their microphones, making bad jokes and giving historically inaccurate information.   They say they will give you a refund if you're not satisfied, so we'll see about that!

Enough kvetching for one post!  The really exciting news I have for you is that I now have my own little "mini-gallery" inside Constellation Gallery in Portland!  I only pulled 8 pieces out to put up there for now, as JK & I are going to Rockport tomorrow for a little anniversary trip, but here are some photos...

There are some new artists who have similar spaces now at Constellation and I will go to Facebook to post those photos.  But if you're a local, do pop by some day when I'm gallery sitting and I'll show you around!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Midsummer Madness

It's not even halfway through July and from the weather maps it looks like 90% of the country is burning up.  It's much warmer than usual up here in the Northeast as well.

But seriously, folks, the heat may be frying my brain as I've decided to beef up my writing muscles by participating in 31 Play - 31 Days.  I'll need to write at least a one-page-play every day.  What I like about this is that not all the plays need to be good - some can be bad, which takes the pressure off, which in turn frees the mind.  It would be great if I could string a few of these into a 10 min format or longer.  I'm going to post them here on the blog as well.  So expect to see some silly stuff along with serious content.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Is Art Enough?

Enough for what you may ask.  The question came to mind after reading this blog post about the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei.
Although we are not appreciated the way artists are in Europe, artists in America have pretty easy go of it compared to those in China if we want to make overtly political art. After reading the post about Ai, I've got this urge to make more of my art political, inclusive and all of the others things post author Keith Meatto writes about.

I liked the fact Meatto contrasted the work of Ai against that of certain Brooklyn artists who had some kind of weekend festival.  I'm not sure that I've really done that in any of my work, although it was interesting to have one young curator tell me what she saw in one of my lightbox pieces that were at Lumens last fall courtesy of the Center for Contemporary Art in Sacramento.

Right now I'm really steamed about the way Republicans in government want to defund Planned Parenthood and it seems like we're gonna relive the battles of birth control and abortion all while health insurance is too expensive for many of my friends and the rich keep getting richer while children are hungry in this country.  But I can't quite find the way to use this anger in my artwork, at least not for now.  Don't worry, I'll keep it simmering on the stove top nonetheless.

 One of my favorite political artists is Diane Bush, who now lives in Las Vegas.  I thought her "Imbleachment" project was excellent.  You can see more of her work here

OK... that's your trip for this week from China to Vegas and back here to Maine.  If you're in the Portland area, check out the Portland Performing Arts Festival starting on Thursday and going to Sunday.  If you're a theatre geek, don't miss PortFringe which starts tonight!  I'm going to see
Dr. Faustus Lights the Lights by the Portland Theater Collaborative to get my Gertrude Stein fix.  Later I'll see modern dance by Alison Chase's company and will usher and get to see some theatre by Celebration Barn and a site-specific take on All's Well by the Naked Shakespeare Company.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Boston and Back

Our friend Terry Chunn came out to spend part of his vacation with us.  Terry had never been to the East Coast before so it was very cool to show him around Portland and take him down to Boston.  He and JK walked the Freedom Trail and later that afternoon while JK attended to some work issues, Terry and I tasted a bit of the Museum of Fine Arts, one of my favorite places.  Being one of the oldest museums in the country, it has an amazing variety of art and sculpture plus a little Puritan room down in the basement.

This JMW Turner was one of my favorites.  He's a British Romantic era painter whose work has such energy and almost goes into abstraction!

 My other favorite is this piece by Ab Ex painter Joan Mitchell.  I think her work has a similar energy, although perhaps a bit muted by her time living in Paris.

Terry is now on the train going to New York City and I'm gallery sitting this afternoon down at Constellation Gallery, in the arts district of Portland.  My BFF Kate will be out here to visit in a couple of weeks and we'll take her down to Boston too, as she's never been there.  I'm hoping that we can hit the newly re-opened Isabella Stewart Gardiner Museum.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

No Dancing Allowed

At least not this year at the PortFringe!  I didn't get many actors to show up for auditions and since I don't know that many  people in the theatre community yet (except for folks that are already doing shows), I decided this was the Universe telling me there are other things to do with my time.  Like catch up on some promises I made to Facebook Friends that I would post the art here that is still on exhibit in up in Falmouth.  So here are the floral, digital woodcuts:

These are all limited edition, giclee on canvas prints.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Dancing with Auditions

Auditions for "Dancing with Desire: a Poetic Fandango with the Erotic and the Bawdy", a compilation of erotic poetry from Sanskrit to modern Latina writers, are at the Hutchins School, 24 Mosher St, South Portland (ME) Monday, May 21st from 7 to 8 pm.  Callbacks will be Wed, May 23rd at a different location. 

 The performance is Thursday, June 28th at 5 pm at Lucid Stage as a part of PortFringe 2012.  Former founder and artistic director of Sacramento’s Beyond the Proscenium Productions – Ann Tracy -  will be directing. 

Come prepared to have fun with cold reads! The proposed rehearsal schedule will be available so actors can list conflicts.  Three actors are needed:  Young Woman (20-30), Older Woman (35+) and Man (30+).  This will be a reader's theatre piece as there will be only one performance. Please email me your headshot and resume -

Thursday, May 3, 2012

In the Stars

Specifically, at Constellation Gallery doing my gallery sitting shift as a new member of the Maine Artists Collective!  I'm very happy to have this great spot on Congress Street in Portland's Art District as my new visual art home.  Right now, the current exhibit is from the graduates of the art program at Southern Maine Community College.  I took some installation shots today:

The artists' reception for the show is tonight and First Friday.   Tonight is also my reception of the digital woodcuts that I have over in the group show at Couleur Collection, 240 US Rte 1, Falmouth ME.  If  you're in the area, would love to see you from 5 to 7 pm!