Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I'm very grateful to all the readers of this blog for sticking with me through thick and thin as I continue my journey as an artist who works in different media.  I've been all full of visual art matters for some time, so let's swing the set over to the theatre side for just a bit.  Enormous thanks to PlayLab at Snow Lion Rep here in Portland for including me in PlayLab and for the reading this past Monday night of Orestes 3.0, directed by Al D’Andrea with the following cast:

ELECTRA: April Singley
ORESTES: Michael Dix Thomas
HELEN: Brittany Cook
MENELAUS: John Kreutzberger
CASSANDRA: Kerry Ann Loomis
WOUNDED MAN (WILLIAM): Thomas Campbell
NURSE MEG: Brittany Cook
NURSE TISI: Jacquelyn Mansfield
NURSE ALECTO: Amanda Painter

Facing us from right to left:  April, Michael, Jacquelyn, Amanda, Brittany & John
Great thanks to all the members of PlayLab who attended and gave me great feedback.  I'm really looking forward to finishing this puppy by the end of December and getting a full reading of it later this spring. 

Here's wishing each an every one of you a great Thanksgiving and joy and abundance this holiday season.

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