Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gonna Make you a Star

Scams are all around us on a daily basis, but for the artist it seems they appear in an email at least once a day.  Of course we are very vulnerable as we want to think that someone happened to stumble across our art and thinks it's just wonderful.  I almost got caught up in that this morning when I read this:

"Dear Ann,

My name is Peter Sullivan and I am a freelance curator working with Abraham Lubelski organizing a March group exhibition in New York. I am inviting you to participate and take advantage of a unique opportunity to not only exhibit but to also get a full years' worth of publicity/exposure on the web and in print. This offer is the best publicity package available anywhere in today's contemporary art world. The fee for this complete one-year publicity package (and New York exhibition) is $1,950. I am particularly excited and interested in your work Motel Variations: Biggest Little City  and I believe it would be an important addition to our program. By paying close attention to the intuitive works of each artist, we are hoping to construct an exhibition of works that truly speaks to our viewers and subscribers."

The fee was too steep for me at this point in time and it made me wonder if anyone else had ever gotten such a letter.  A little google search turned this up.  Thanks so much Helen Ansell for blogging about it and confirming my suspicions. 

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