Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupied October

Classical Power 1

Not that September was not busy, getting work ready for the Windows show at the E Street Gallery in Sacramento.  But I knew I had to hustle as I needed to get back to work on the art for the Lumens show in November so I could ship it slow train and have it not cost a fortune.  This is one of the big concerns about showing work cross country like this - getting it there.  One always hopes that there will be enough sales to more than cover it, but any chance I get to ship long before the due date I will.

The image above is the newest edition to the Power Series based on photos taken here and in a special photo shoot at my friend George Streng's studio in Woodland - Photogenics.  What will be interesting about the show at Lumens is that I'll be exhibiting one of the very first pieces I made for the Barrick Museum show in Las Vegas along with new work like the piece above.

As soon as the work gets printed and I can put it into the light boxes, off it goes to Sacramento and on I go to two other projects I have in the hamper, both commissions.  In between all this, we have 3 sets of company coming to "peep the leaves".  Our friends from PA, Bob and June are here now.  I'm glad they're making dinner tonight.  A day after they leave, my sister comes to town for 5 days and then we have another day off and then Cherie Hacker, my artist friend arrives for a few days.  Then about a week and a half later, I'm off for 8 days in Sacto for the closing of one show and the opening of another!

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