Monday, September 5, 2011

Real Art

Ever notice how some people are so funny and insecure about change?  That thought occurred to me after a conversation with a very nice woman who runs an arts center in mid-coast Maine.  There was an event at which artists could show their work and since I haven't been able to do so yet, I thought it was a good opportunity.  This woman had seen my work on line and cautioned me not to call my work digital paintings as she would get flack about it from other artists.  I told her I would call them digital mixed media since some of them are based on the photos I take.  But what of this my friends:

 This is a digital painting which I created in both photoshop and in corel paint.  Because I like to be a shite-disturber, I gonna bring it to that even and call it a giclee of a digital painting.   Then this morning on my daily digital art email, was a link to a story by Joe Nalven that echoes this theme.

Then I ran across this story the other day about selling digital art (and video too I suppose).  I've also reached out to the digital art community via the Digital Art Guild to see if there are any members from New England or Maine.  I'm thinking of starting a  Facebook page for local digital artists out here and perhaps we can do local shows the way the San Diego folks do.
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