Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Little Help from my Friends

Pluperfect Window - Mass MOCA

We all need that don't we?  I certainly do right now as it's been over a week since the last blog post and I'm working my butt off on the photos for the group show I'm doing with Cherie Hacker and Carrie Markel over at the E Street Gallery in Sacramento. 

So my fellow member of the Digital Art Guild, Andrew Darlow is helping me out without even knowing about it!  Darlow is a wonderful photographer, writer and speaker who is also a nice guy.  Although I don't deal with promoting your own artwork here much, I think this article that he wrote has some good tips for folks who do any kind of limited edition runs of their work, digital or otherwise.

Personally I like Fine Art America as a place to sell my prints.  If any of my readers out there are using a similar site, let us know what it is and how it's working for you!.
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