Thursday, August 11, 2011

La Luna

Ever notice how some days are filled with happy coincidences?  Like today as we were driving back from Montreal, I noticed the moon in her glory as she shined down between telephone poles and I thought of the Power of the Moon - yes that will be my next iteration in the Power series.

Then when we got back to the house and I checked email, I found this profoundly beautiful poem sent to me by my friend Barbara Medaille, a superb California landscape artist.

The Moon

The moon can be taken in teaspoons

or as a capsule every two hours.

It is a good hypnotic or narcotic

and relieves, too,

hangovers of those drunk on philosophy.

A piece of the moon tucked in the pocket

is a better good luck charm than a rabbit’s foot;

It works as a love charm,

to get rich without connections

and to ward off doctors.

It can be given as a treat to children

when they can’t sleep.

A few moon drops in the eyes of the elderly

help them die well.

Put a tender new moon leaf

under your pillow

and you will see your heart’s desire.

Always carry a small jar of moon air

for when you are drowning,

And give a key to the moon

to prisoners and the disillusioned,

to those condemned to death

and those condemned to life.

There is no better tonic than the moon

given in precise, controlled doses.

    - Jaime Sabines (1926-99)

(Translated by Rebecca Del Rio)
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