Monday, August 8, 2011

And Away We Go....

You know you're getting old when you write headlines for your blog and realize that only people your age or older will actually get the reference - this time to that old TV show The Honeymooners starring Jackie Gleason.  But I am in fact going away to Montreal for my birthday tomorrow.  It will also be a short test run for our new house/pet sitter.  We need to dial someone in now before winter hits and we need to go south for a week or so at a time.  This way the critters get acclimated to her before we take off for a big trip.

But that doesn't mean I'm not working my butt off (if only that could happen in the real world - sigh).  I've been doing some pro bono PR work for a group of young artists with whom I'll be showing later this month.  You can read all about it HERE. 

And I'm preparing the work for the show that Cherie Hacker and I are doing in October at the E Street Gallery.  It's based on the photos of windows we have taken over the years.  I shoot windows from the outside looking in and Cherie shoots from the inside looking out.  Yes, you can guess as to what the name of the show will be.  I'm also working on art for my solo show at Lumen's Store Gallery in November.  Thanks again go out to the Center for Contemporary Art in Sacramento who arranged the show for me.

In between all this, I'm re-writing two scripts for a couple of theatrical opportunities.  Here's a piece of my show that just arrived back here after being in the solo show at Luna's Cafe.

"Pele's Fire"
© Ann Tracy 2011
Can you guess the medium of this piece?
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