Thursday, July 21, 2011

Strange Dreams Anyone?

I'm sure that we all have strange dreams that seem like string theory in action with several dimensions operating at once.  I was thinking of this when I made this little video based on the stills from Zombie Kickball

Now onto the work that I have already signed up for!  Cherie Hacker and I will be having a show of our photographs of windows.  For years I have shot windows from the outside looking in and Cherie has shot them from the inside looking out.  That show will be in October at the E Street Gallery in Sacramento.

In November, I was invited by the Center for Contemporary Art to show some of my back lit pieces at Lumens on K Street in Sacramento.  I'll be showing some new work there and will come out for the artist's reception.

Then my real estate agent, Amie Joseph,  asked me to do a commission piece - a post modern landscape with figures in it.  She and her husband first lived together in a little house in Falmouth Flats and they even got married there so it has great sentimental value to them.   I've already shot many photos from which to work, but I still need some photos of sunset at low tide on the estuary behind their house, which you can see out the glass doors in their living room.

Both Amie and her husband Jaime are excited about this process and so am I - as it's a first for them to commission work and it's the first non-relative piece I'll have worked on like this.  They will be moving soon and want to keep this special place with them.
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