Sunday, July 10, 2011


Gay Marriage supporters at the Round Pond 4th of July Parade

I've been trying to figure out how to form some sort of segue between the 4th of July, (when I went Down East to Round Pond for their wonderfully wacky parade and then onto Christmas Cove for a lovely lunch with JK, the Sista from Savannah plus Amie and Jamie, parade veterans) and the death of American painter Cy Twombly.  I think I've found it in the concept of independence, a highly prized quality of New Englanders and the way that Twombly, himself a New Englander, ignored his critics. 

The parade in Round Pond is a great example of Yankee DIY spirit and inclusiveness.  While there were more homemade floats of the liberal persuasion, there were also some conservative ones as well.  Perhaps this willingness to take aim at both sides comes from the concept of the Town Meeting, which still is the way politics operates at the local level here.  Everyone gets a chance to speak their piece.

There's a wonderful art blog for the area here called the New England Journal of Aesthetic Research.  It's insightful and helps me keep track of what's going on in my reclaimed home turf.  In it, Greg Cook has a link to a great, fairly recent interview with Twombly on a show of his in London.  In that and other interviews that I've read recently, Twombly just didn't pay any attention to what people said about his work, he worked independently of what others might way.

Maybe because I'm still working on my little 3-minute Zombie movie based on short video footage and photos of the Zombie Kickball game held here in Portland back in June, I went to Twombly's website and started to click quickly on the links to his work.  I really think there's a movie there.  The way the work is arranged there is a flow that I liked.  Go ahead and try it for yourself - here.

I'd love to know what you think about it!  Here's one of my favorite paintings of his - I love the energy in it.

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