Wednesday, June 22, 2011

By the Sea

Abstract iPod photo

First of all YAY... Ai Weiwei has been released!  Can't tell you how excited I am over that news and I'm sure his friends and family are even more stoked.  It's been a busy two weeks since the last post with workmen finished up details on finally getting AC in the attic so I can work more than half days up there and finally set up the studio.  By this Friday it should be up and running. 

Our nephew Alex came out for a weekend visit and we sent to the Old Port Festival with him; I finally joined a gym so I can do some weight workouts; old Milwaukee friend Bob and his wife June came out last weekend; I rode my bike down to the Back Cove; am finally working on my "How To" guide on PR for artists, photographers and other creatives and finally got almost all the boxes emptied!  I've posted some new photos to Flickr on all of the above.

And  for all artists everywhere who struggle to write an artist's statement, there's this.

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