Wednesday, June 8, 2011

1st Friday

It was a beautiful balmy evening for 1st Friday in June here in Portland, so we hit the streets in search of the art scene in a part of the city that I had not explored the month before. 
Crowds outside the Museum which is free on First Fridays.

I also wanted to check out some artist's spaces to see what was available and whether it would be worth it to have a small studio somewhere so that I could participate in the activities and perhaps sell some work! Don't get me wrong, I love making the art but I'm also thrilled when it gets to live in a good home!

You can see more photos from our evening including a YARNBOMB (this is for you Martha and Maggie) I found if you click this LINK.

But of all the art that we saw the most interesting was that of Frank Turek, who was most definitely influenced by Joseph Cornell.  Here are two of his pieces

This is one of his altered books which I loved.  
The whole concept of an altered book seems marvelous to me in that it uses images to create narrative instead of words.

This isn't framed very well, but it's one of his small boxed assemblages.
His web sites are and  Go on over there and take a look.  He's doing some very cool work! 
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