Sunday, May 22, 2011

Getting Better All the Time

Ok, I've still got lots of stuff in boxes, but in the background you can see that I've set up some shelves so eventually the stuff in the boxes will have a place to go!

This corner is almost all pulled together.  Glad that I've got the "desk" set up and am now hard-wired into the internet now.

Notice the fan in front of the window.  When it gets over 65 degrees in here (19 C for my Euro friends), it begins to get a bit "close".  I've got a guy coming tomorrow to figure out which window I should have redone so I can put an air conditioner in it that I will need to remove in the winter.  Even though it won't get as hot as it does in Sacramento, the  attic will be warm and I need to deal with it now!
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