Friday, April 15, 2011

Never Can Say: Goodbye

In a way it's only fitting and just that I do my final show in Sacramento at Luna's Cafe.  Back in 1994, Beyond the Proscenium Productions did it's very first show, Tips by Richard Kamback there.  Over 15 years has elapsed and this time it was an art show rather than a theatre show, but Art Luna, the cafe's owner has always been there for me as an artist, no matter what the genre.

My friend Pauline Tolman, an outstanding metal sculptor who has done several public art projects in the state, was there and did me the huge favor of documenting the show with this series of photos.

Another artist friend, Marianne Bland is now writing about art for the Sacramento Examiner and here's the link to her story.

It was great fun and yes, some folks got free prints just because I'm a generous person and I didn't want to move all of them.. I'd much rather my art go to a good home than stay boxed up in my studio.

This is my "Homage to Vermeer" digital painting based on an iPod photo and appropriated imagery.  It was purchased by Genvieve Shiroma, one of my long time supporters.  A big thank you to everyone who came and especially those who purchased work - you have my undying gratitude.
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