Monday, March 28, 2011

Can You GIve me Just a Little Click?

Wanted to share this email I received today...

"Dear Ann,

Thank you for sharing your work and your story by submitting to The Power of Self.  The Self-portrait, in any medium or interpretation, is an incredibly powerful means of personal expression. We recognize the great amount of reflection it takes to create a work of self portraiture and we’d like to offer you some feedback on your Power of Self submission.

Your portfolio is an intriguing interpretation of the self-portrait in the mixed media genre. I really like how you experiment and incorporate all different kinds of techniques into your work and how you give the viewer subtle clues into your narrative. My favorite pieces were the Millennial Ode Self Portrait and the Genetic Pluperfect Self-Portrait. Your work is strong and I look forward to seeing it progress even further!

Our amazing panel of judges will decide our Grand Prize Winner, however, People’s Choice voting is now open, so share your portfolio with all your friends, family and social network and ask them to vote for you!  

Your Portfolio Link:"

What I'm asking you to do friends, is to go to the link above and show me a little clicky love, please?

Now I'll share a little iPod photo love with you 
I've never seen an orange pansy before!  And here I was thinking I had been around the block a few times.

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