Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy New Year

The way I look at it, New Year's wishes can still be spread around until Chinese New Year, which is February 3rd this year - the Year of the Rabbit.  Since I am a Rabbit in that astrological system, I'm looking forward to a very good year!

So far it's shaping up very nicely with a solo show at Luna's Cafe in April and two other shows in October - one at the E Street Gallery and another at Lumen's Lighting through the Center for Contemporary Art here in town.

One of the things JK got me for Christmas was an iPod Touch with a camera in it!  I was so excited to use it and the hipstatmatic and other apps for it!  Even if you're not on Facebook, you can still see some of my posts HERE.   If you click on the Shop tab, you can even order some of my work via Fine Art America.

So now I'm an iPod camera fanatic.  The other day I was in the store and saw these beautiful eggplant and not only do I think I'll ask JK to make his famous garlic and eggplant sauce for pasta, but I'll do a little photo shoot in the kitchen with them! 

What's cool about getting this new camera is that with the hipstamatic app, you can choose different film and different lenses for each shot.  Or you can just shake the thing and it will randomly change, which is what I do of course with my penchant for working within a "chance dance" aesthetic.

Now, you might think that I would leave well enough alone since the photos with this camera almost have built in filters, but au contraire mon fraire!  Sometimes I think a picture will work better with more saturated color or the like.  Here's a hipstamatic shot that I did a little work on in Photoshop

I added more blue and red to it and deepened the colors a bit from the original which is below

Which do you like better of the two?  I'll send a small print to whoever answers this question first!  I think that might be one of my loyal readers (Maureen) or it may be someone stumbling upon it by chance.
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