Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Greetings

Xmas Tree at the Portland Hotel where I stayed.
If I didn't have any Santa elf duties, I would have been blogging more frequently this month as I note that the last entry was December 12th!  If you're a friend on Facebook, you heard about my whirlwind trip to Portland ME right after directing a 10-min play for Big Idea Theatre's "One Night Stand".

That was such an interesting theatrical experience.  Generally I'll have a script for at least a month before I begin the auditioning and the rehearsal process.  This really compressed the process of me working the script and then me working with the actors to leave the right bread crumbs for them to erally play the parts with honesty.  When that time period is so compressed and the actors are also cast in other plays, it makes for some interesting choices for both actors and directors. 

You playwrights will hate to hear this, but as long as the actor got the gist of the line and spit out the right cues, I was fine with it.  These were all funny, contemporary plays, so it wasn't as if we were messing up the iambic pentameter of the Bard's work!

JK and I had our eye on one house in South Portland which seemed perfect for our specialized needs of living and working in the same environment.  The RE agent looked into it and told us that an offer had been made.  But the day before I got the script for the theatre gig, we get an email from her saying that the offer wasn't any good as their funding had fallen through.  We thought this was sign from the gods.  So the day after the performance I jumped on a plane to Portland to look at it.  We had received the inspection report and there was much to go over with the homeowner.

It was a good thing I went out to look at it because, it was too good to be true.  Can you imagine building a "dormer" addition to your house in Maine, where it does get nippy, and then not run the heat up there?  The addition itself was poorly done and the stairs were not to code and there was no bathroom up there.  I did look at 3 other houses, so the agent would have a better idea of what we are looking for and it gave me more of an opportunity to see which neighborhoods in the city were close enough to downtown & the arts district.  

Now here I sit in Savannah, where the snow flurries are flying in the wind!?!  We're here visiting my sista who has lived here for the past 5 years.  Not only do we get to visit her, but also long-time friends Caren and Bob Ross (from when I was a modern dancer in Colorado Springs in the 70s) in Beaufort, SC and Beth and Brian our good friends (who used to live in Sacramento, but moved to Atlanta about 10 years ago) who just moved to Bluffton, SC.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Back to the Boards

Give a big hand to Big Idea Theatre, 1616 Del Paso Blvd in Sacramento.  They decided to do a 24 hour play marathon calling it "The One Night Stand" and I was one of the directors on the project.  It was good to be back in the theatre again, as I have worked in that space in the past. 

This was really a challenge for me as a director, as usually I choose my own scripts and then spend much time getting to know them before even the casting process begins.  For this project, I got the script Fri afternoon, met the other directors at the theatre at 6, held auditions and held a reading with my cast.  That's several months pushed into 4 hours!

The next day, rehearsals for everyone started at 8 am (a difficult start time for most actors and for me especially).  The five directors involved had to share the stage space, so for some of the time we were running the 10 min play out in the courtyard while another cast was on stage.  Add to the mix the fact that I had to share two of my actors with another director.

By the time that we did our tech, the actors had their lines perfectly.  Thanks to Matt Hanf for writing Teddy Knows Too Much and big round of applause to Beth Edwards who played Mom, Ed Gyles Jr. who played Dad and to Jacob Vuksinich who played Billy.  

Billy begins to think that his new Teddy bear is a spy!
Mom tells Dad something is wrong with their son.
Billy tells Teddy that he's going to "accessorize" him for a little trip!
Billy is getting ready to flush after jamming the bear, wrapped in one of his mom's "gags", down the toilet.
Dad discovers Teddy in the toilet, wearing Mom's jewelry.
Dad wants to beat Billy but Mom prevents this.
Mom gives Billy his new "medication".

Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Work for December

I'm still experimenting with transfers and painting into the canvas that the images are transferred to.  To me it's a great way to combine my love of photography and my love of painting!  Although I will admit to being drawn more to the physicality of the brush upon the canvas. 

One of the folks that come by yesterday to my Holiday Open Studio was long time friend Art Luna, who is offering me a solo show at his cafe in Sacramento in April.  This will be my Farewell to Sacramento Show, as JK and I are moving to Maine in the coming year.  I have a yearning for the clams of my childhood, which might explain why I started doing the Potency of Memory Series.  Here's the latest piece, "The Key to her Dreams"

Although I love color, I think this works better as b/w and the actual key that was glued to the canvas says Dreams.  it's a  6x6" canvas that is about 2" deep.

Then I tried the same technique with some of my black and white photography

This is the same size as the Memory piece.  And then I tried to work a bit larger on a 9x12" canvas

Both pieces are based on the photos that I shot at the Gladding McBean Pottery up in Lincoln.  So now what do you think fair reader?  Would you rather have a B/W photo in just a mat and frame, or do you prefer a transfer onto canvas with a more hand-crafted look?