Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Catching Up on Trade & Transformation

First of all, I've got to share the work that Shirley Hazlett did with the simple pool hose I gave her!
In case you can't see the detail on the newspaper, it's the Wall Street Journal on the election of Barak Obama.  I think it's a brilliant conceptual piece.  This project at Tangent Gallery was so much fun.  And it gave me the chance to meet Shirley and hope that I get to see much more of  her in the future.  She's a marvelous artist.

Remember the pile of fabric strips painted in black that Shirely gave me?  If not, scroll down to the last post.  Well after looking at it for three weeks in my studio, I painted the strips, then ripped and cut them and decided that I would "paint" with them:

I also took the more transparent strips and stapled them to the back of the canvas creating a veil.  So the red that I painted on is somewhat obscured.  Do you think it says anything? 

If you get a chance to get down to Tangent, I highly recommend this show.  The artists involved did fabulous work and totally transformed what they received from the other participating artists.
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