Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm sitting in the plane at the Salt Lake City airport waiting to take off for Minneapolis, where we will catch another flight to Hartford CT.  This is the beginning of our journey to find a new place to call home.  After over 20 years in California, we're ready for a change from the heat and bad air of the Sacramento Valley.  We're going to check out Bridgeport CT (only an hour from NYC, on Long Island Sound) and Portland ME (Maine's largest and most culturally hip city).

Although I spent the first 17 years of my life in New England, I've never been to either city.  When my California friends look at me with horror and tell me that I'll encounter cold and snow, I laugh up my sleeve at them (remember that line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail?).  WHY?  Because I lived in Milwaukee  for 5 years working morning drive radio news with 40 degree below zero winds coming off the lake as I battled snow storms to get to the station to tell everyone else listening to stay home from school and work. 

I survived to tell the tale and right now would much rather deal with snow and wind than crappy air and heat.  The there's my urge to be near the ocean and my pocketbook which can afford a Maine place more than a West Coast place unless I win the lotto.

I also have a general theory about weather and the arts.  I first noticed it in Hawaii where my sister lived for 10 years.  It seems as if the more west one would go where the weather is nicer, the less emphasis on the arts and the more on outdoor activities.  Which is not to say that there's nothing to do outside in the winter.  I learned to cross country ski in Wisconsin!

Now I'm sitting in our hotel room in Bridgeport CT.  We explored the area a bit and are a bit disheartened that the Black Rock District of town doesn't have much of an arts scene.  But we had a great dinner of local osyters last night at the Swan Osyter House in the border town (we're actually staying here) of Fairfield.  Of the CT, MA and ME varieties we tried, have to admit the Maine ones were my favorites.

Photograph from the Hockomock Oyster Company in Maine.  Go visit them if you're up that way!

Today Sweet Hubby is off to visit some clients he's worked for years with while I focus on making the final edits to "The Vineyard" to send to a local theatre by week's  end.  Tomorrow we check out downtown and the surrounding area.  Since we're also only an hour away from NYC by train, we're also considering a day trip to MOMA.
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