Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back Home

It's now been not quite a week since we arrived back from our New England exploration trip.  I realized that I had not shared the photo above with you!  I took it in the Salt Lake airport at the very beginning of our trip.  They had a whole wall of a photo shoot that I was I was at - dancers upon the Great Salt Lake!

But now we're home and it's time to pay the piper in terms of getting "behind the mule, in the morning and plow"  - yup back to reality as we know it.  Part of the reality for me is trying to clone myself because I'm involved in three !?! art shows in November.  I was invited to show some small work at the Temporary Contemporary (1616 Del Paso Blvd), am participating in the Trade and Transform show at Tangent Gallery (Franklin Blvd near 4th Ave) and also have donating the grand master work of my Power Series - Power #1 - to the Center for Contemporary Art's fund-raising auction (19th St. between O and P Streets).

The text on it is a Nadine Gordimer quote - "Power is something of which I am convinced there is no innocence this side of the womb."  This is the largest piece (45 x 62") in that body of work, which is a digital C print on sintra substrate and wired for hanging.  I love this piece and I hope someone special wins it at the auction to give it a good home.  I love working this big, but have little room to store it, no where to hang it at my house and the only way I can transport it is to take it in the camper van. 

So yes, I'll be at all three galleries this coming 2nd Saturday!  I think I'll start at Tangent at 6 pm, then over to Center of Contemporary Art by 7 pm and finally arrive at the Temporary Contemporary by 8 pm.  Hope I see you at one of these venues!
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