Saturday, October 2, 2010

And the Winner is....

Drum roll, please...  But while the drums are rolling, I'll be honest with you about why it's been three week since the last post: I thought I had lost the Open Studio Tour sign up sheets that had everyone's name on it that came by the studio so they could win one of two prints!  In efforts to clean up the desk before the Sweet Hubby and I head off for my homeland tomorrow, I FOUND it and picked the winner - Cheryl Holben!

These are the prints from which Cheryl may choose:

Angel in the Temple is based on a very lucky shot I took while in Sicily and a wonderfully estatic angel sculpture that was in a piazza in Palermo.

Or she can choose this one: "Motel Variations: 24 Hours".  The original of this was created on Duratrans and is in a light box.  It was purchased last year by a collector in Savannah, GA.

Now, you might want to know how the KVIE Art Auction went for me.  Other than the fact I starteled myself seeing myself on the monitor while we were live during my first stint on Saturday with Heath, their very fun fund development guy, really well considering I haven't done any live TV for a while.  I should have listened to my gut and worn that belt damn it!   I was an art expert for Heath who was an auctioneer.  I also did a stint with Sharon Gerber, Mayor Kevin Johnson's Arts Liaison with h is For Art's Sake initiative. 

Not only did I volunteer for that, I donated a very special piece of art as well.  The lucky collector who got it was Ronald Stockmann of Stockton!  Thanks Ron for giving a piece of my art a good home as well as supporting public television.  This was another version of "Angel in the Temple" that I had printed onto a transfer substrate and then transferred to a gallery wrap canvas and then painted in on the sides. 

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