Monday, August 23, 2010

Fisher Collection SF MOMA

When ever I go to San Francisco, I like to stop in at the Museum of Modern Art and when last I was there for my birthday a few weeks ago, we saw the Fisher Collection. In most US museums it seems as if you can't take photos, as opposed to most of the museums that I've visited in Europe.  But apparently MOMA's agreement with the Fishers (folks who started the Gap stores) allows for non-flash photography!  I was thrilled because I can now share my visit with my bloggy and facebook friends!

I've seen Cy Twombly's work in other museums, but this one really captured my attention with its energy of line and color. 

I've only seen steel or metal sculptures of Mark di Suvero before seeing "I Have Lost My Eurydice" that day.  It's an early career piece for him (59-60) and he probably used wood because it was the cheapest material at hand, as many young artists do.

I had never seen the work of Sean Scully before espying "Round and Round", which dates from 1985.  He is an Irish-born American painter and printmaker who has twice been named a Turner Prize nominee.

This Frank Stella piece is entitled "Kyalami" which is the Zulu word for home.  I love the color and the shape of this piece.

I'll post the rest of the images here tomorrow or the next day.
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