Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fisher Collection SF MOMA - Part 2

This is "Perrier" by John Baldessari, which, while his work is definitely conceptual, almost looks like a narrative to me.

Another artist to whom I was introduced by this show was French photographer Sophie Calle and is called "Autobiographical Stories (The Bed)" and was made in 1988.  The following is what was posted with it.

This has to be one of my favorite Warhols that were shown - a portrait of one of my art heroes, Joseph Beuys.

I rather liked this Warhol too but I really can't explain why, other than it takes the mundane into another realm, much like my "Power Series" does.

This is a Barbara Kruger piece called "Untitled (No Radio)" from 1988.  I love her feminist and political take on most things.

I've heard much about Shirin Neshat, an American artist who was born in Iran and is mostly a photographer and filmmaker - this is a still from her 2001 film "Passages".  Here is the description from the Gugginheim site:  "In Passage, a group of men carry a body wrapped in white cloth across a beach; in the distance, a group of women veiled in black chadors dig a grave with their hands, while a child arranges a circle of stones. These minimal, enigmatic scenes, set to a haunting score by Philip Glass, were filmed in the Moroccan coastal town of Essaouira. The location, where Neshat has worked before, is similar in character to the landscape of Iran: as Neshat’s work becomes better known in the West, she is increasingly uneasy about returning. But geography is almost secondary to the film. Inspired by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, specifically the televised images of bodies held aloft during funeral processions, Passage may be Neshat’s most timely and affecting film yet.
Meghan Dailey"

I wish I could identify this piece by David Salle for you, but I can't as I apparently didn't notice that my camera shot an unfocused photo of the tag. 

This wasn't included in the show, it's a photo I shot of John Maruoka, a photography instructor at DeAnza College in Cupertino (South Bary area).  I was standing outside MOMA speaking with an old friend on my cell when I looked up and saw Maruoka shooting photos of me through this poster.  Of course I had to go up to him and ask him if I could take a photo of him through the rolled up paper!  Thanks John, hope your classes go well this fall!  Don't be surprised if this image gets used in some of my digital collages.
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