Saturday, July 31, 2010

Theatre of the Oppressed in Afghanistan

There is a theatre director by the name of Augusto Boal who has come up with a series of theatre games and exercises which he calls Theatre of the Oppressed which can be used to raise awareness of issues with non-actors and help people see how oppression works in a society.  It's marvelous work and something that I've been interested in for years as it marries my interests in theatre and politics.

I'm also a member of a group called Women Arts, which publishes a monthly email newsletter of funding opportunities for women in the arts.  I got it today and read about an amazing woman named Kayhan Irani from New York who went to Afghanistan to train Afghani actors in it's use!  You can read her wonderful blog about it HERE.

Here's another photo from my trip last fall to Gladding McBean Pottery.  I'm not sure what this image came to mind, but who am I to argue with my subconcious!

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