Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life and Death

I haven't blogged much about Al Kreutzberger, my father-in-law, but for the past three years, Al has been living about 15 minutes away from us in an independent living seniors complex where each person had their own apartment but they could also eat in the communal dining room and use the other facilities - library, workout room and card room.  It's a lovely facility that seems like a fine hotel and I hope that when the Sweet Hubby and I are ready for it, we can find such a similar place.

Sweet Hubby went over to have lunch with his Dad four times a week and also run errands for him as Al suffered from macular degeneration in addition to many other maladies and used a walker to get around.  He would come over to our house every Sunday when I would make dinner for us.  It became a custom, a habit, a tradition.  It continued when he found a girlfriend at River's Edge, Pat just came along and joined the party.

Those days  have ended for us with Al's passing early on Saturday, July 24th at his apartment with his family around.  I've been thinking about the lessons I've learned from him, as I agree with Wayne Dyer that each person who comes into our lives for a reason.  Probably the biggest lesson I learned from him was patience - with others and with ourselves.  Thanks Al!  The photo below shows him during his last fishing trip to Canada about 15 years ago.  He loved to fish, listen to baseball and classical music, opera, read talking books and loved his family.  We will miss you Al!

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