Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Scarey to the Sublime

I've always described the art out at the Burning Man festival in the Black Rock Dessert of Nevada as ranging from the sacred to the profane and you an pretty much say the same thing about NadaDada Motel, the instant arts festival in downtown Reno where you rent a room and put your work up and wait for the public to come on by.  Matter of fact, I describe NadaDada as being like Burning Man but with flush toilets - always gets a laugh!

One friend who came to see the art at the three motels in Reno that were included in the event said that some of it pushed her past her comfort level, but maybe she needed that.  This event is just perfect for installation work, which many of the rooms held.  I'm going to be posting to my Flickr site with my few photos of the event - click HERE.

Thanks to all my wonderful NadaDada friends up in Reno - next year I'll share a room so that I can go look at everyone else's stuff.   This year it wasn't an option.  Had many, many people through the room, some even buying some work!  A big shout out to those that did buy work, thanks so much for giving my work a good home!

Here is the light box piece that I made for this year.  I'll be making a limited edition series of prints for it, but the piece has sold.

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