Monday, June 14, 2010

NadaDada Motel in Reno!

Sacramento artist Ann Tracy will exhibit new work at Reno's NadaDada Motel, an artist-created arts festival June 17th to the 20th at the The El Ray Motel (330 Arlington @ 4th) in room 15 from 4 to 9 pm on Thursday & Friday, June 17th  and 18th and from 2 to 8 pm on Saturday, June 19th.  Her exhibit closes with a special “Don’t Make me Take it Down the Hill” sale on Sunday at 10:30 am. 

Tracy joins almost 100 other artists (including Woodland photographer George Streng) who will be showing their work at the other motels along Arlington in downtown Reno: the Town House Motorlodge, Star of Reno, Keno 1 and 2, Lido, In Town, Super 8, Strega Bar, Oxbow Press.   Entertainment will be at 9:30 pm at the El Cortez hotel’s Trocadero Lounge, 239 West 2nd Street on Friday night.  Saturday night entertainment will be at the Strega Bar, 310 South Arlington Avenue at 9:30 where several prominent Reno artists, including Dianna Sion and Trelaine Lewis, will also be showing their work.  Bicycle ricksaws are expected to be on hand accepting donations and transporting the public from location to location. Aside from admission for shows at the Trocadero, it's all FREE!

Tracy will be showing new work in her Motel Variations series as well as a new addition to her Power series (juried into the 2010 American Art Collectors book) and a developing body of work (Potency of Memory) in which she creates the digital imagery on her computer, prints it on special transfer substrates then applies it to gallery wrapped canvas and finally paints into the canvas with acrylics.  The new Motel Variation pieces, including one for a 25” square lightbox printed on Duratrans, is influenced by her recent trip to Italy (Venitian painter Bellini’s Madona with Red Angels) as well as the work of  Carl Jung (shadow self) and “The Origin of Satan” by Elaine Pagels.

“Artists are taking action and they simply get a room, make a show”, said one of the NadaDada organizers Chad Sorg.   “The concept is simple and the do-it-yourself attitude of these self-starters has brought a creative pride to downtown Reno as well as direct revenue to local small businesses and artisans. As revenue for public art funding dwindles, Reno City Councilman Dave Aiazzi praises NadaDada Motel as a positive example of self-initiated action.”

There is expected to be a wide variety of art from painting and sculpture to video and photography to neon, installation, performance and jewelry, as well as new and uncategorized media. For artists to open motel rooms to the public, the exhibitions have been a more personal way to connect with an audience. Each room is an independent art show.  An additional event featuring printmakers will be happening at Oxbow Press at 2035 Dickerson Road, "Naughty; Taboo; Just Plain Wrong", a print portfolio exchange.

 This DIY artists' movement began in 2007 when six artists joined forces in Reno, not so much to be radical–as the artists from their Dada namesake would have had it–but simply to create an opportunity to exhibit their work and to offer the same to others. The artist/organizers worked with the management of historic Hotel El Cortez in downtown Reno and artists flocked to the event to rent their own rooms and open their doors to the public–over 1200 people came to that first year's event! The number of artists involved during the course of the first 3 years has risen from 6 to 300. NadaDada adherents are from the disciplines of visual art, music, poetry, performance and combinations of such.
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