Friday, June 18, 2010

Meanwhile over at Strega Bar...

After closing up my room at the El Ray (330 N Arlington Ave, rm 15), I wandered over to the Strega Bar (310 S Arlington, south of the river walk area) to see what was up over there. Found some wonderful work by SK James, by Andrea & Ricardo Olvera and Dianna Sion pictured here.

She's a "giantic" talent which you will realize after seeing her work that also appeared at the LA PlayLand show a few months back.  She's also got some killer cool T-shirts and dresses for sale down there and you can also get that cool coloring book that has one of my images in it for only $10 - with 50% of the proceeds going to Aids charities.

And then there's my friend Trelaine who is making a delicious career for herself out of artistic uses of MEAT - bacon in this case.  Think of a very twisted version of my little pony or whatever the hell that toy for girls was called back in the 80s I think.

It's a very mixed media sculpture also incorporating wigs and marabou and animal skulls.  The following photos shows it better.

OK... I know I don't do exciting things with meat, but I like to think I do somewhat interesting things with photography and pushing those pixels around... so do stop by the El Ray where you will also find other wonderful photographers, artists and installations.
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