Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Big Shout Out

is going to Sacramento Talent Magazine for using my digital painting "Atlanta After the Tornado" for their front cover!   They also have a little feature on me on pages 12 & 13.  You can check it out HERE.

I'm in Ashland right now, having just seen Lisa Kron's hysterical yet bittersweet and honest theatrical exploration called "Well".  I'll be posting a review of it a little later, but it's a very good show about making a show and using the personal to connect to the universal. 

We're staying at the Peerless Hotel about 5 blocks from the theatres.  It's an amazing time warp back to the Victorian age that is artistically so very well done.  Included in the room rate is a splendid breakfast cooked up by the innkeeper himself - fresh fruit, home-made muffins, smoked pork loin slices and a lemon and poppy seed waffle that I just finish even though it was great.

Looking forward to seeing "12th Night" preview at the outdoor Elizabethan Theatre tonight and then back to Sac tomorrow.
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