Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bucharest to Venice

My flight to Venice went through Munich before arriving in Venice.  But in Munich, I got several opposite directions for finding my gate - got my exercise that day!  I find the gate and then am escorted to a bus, which drives along the airport to an Air Dolomiti plane, a regional carrier, where the attendents have killer aqua uniforms!  I should have taken a photo with my phone as my Leica was safely stowed in my carry-on with my computer.

My Sweet Hubby met me at the airport there and we got to Venice via a water taxi!  I hadn't realized that Venice is really an island!  Not the best place to be if you have any kind of handicap, as no cars are allowed and there are many, many, many stairs and bridges etc.  I had tripped over a huge cable in a dark alley in Bucharest at the top of my trip and really screwed up my knees, so I'm anxious to go back when I can navigate a little better.

But I took it slow and easy and kept up my wine consumption so all was good.  We met our friend Mimmo in Venice.  He was a foreign exchange student from Palermo, Sicily with Hubby's family who lived in a small town north of Milwaukee, WI in 1969-70.  Talk about your culture shock!  But he considers John and family his American family and has been to visit us twice - once for Al's (my father-in-law) 80th birthday and again for his 90th birthday last year when he stayed with us at Dragon Hacienda.

We met him for dinner that night with two of his other friends, a delightful couple whose names I cant remember right now, but have emailed Mimmo to send me the information.  We had dinner at a "Slow Food" restaurant - info about that HERE.

We had an amazing dinner and lovely conversation with the husband of the couple having some English and Mimmo translating for us.  We really need to have more Italian when we go back!          

One thing we discovered in Venice is the Spritz... a strangely nuclear looking cocktail of prosecco, Aperol and sometimes a splash of  sparking water.   Although the Times' TOBY CECCHINI  says the new fad is to add a green olive to it, we didn't see it in the places we went to and I think I like it better with just an orange slice.          

So I've been up for over 24 hours due to crazy flight plans and Sweet Hubby isn't expected in for another couple of hours because of flight cancellations due to that damned volcano, so Ciao for now!
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