Friday, April 16, 2010

Bucharest Before Bacau

After a long flight from San Francisco, we landed in Frankfurt, an airport that I've never been to before.  I must admit that I do prefer the Munich airport instead, but perhaps that's because I got confused and ended up waiting in the wrong line and almost boarded the wrong plane!  I finally found the right gate and boarded the flight to Bucharest.

After another two hours in the air, we landed.  My next confusion centered around where to pick up my luggage.  After getting some help, I walked over to the carousel to find it devoid of bags, but a few were being scooped up by airport personnel and there was my suitcase so all was well in the end.

Waiting for me was Justin Ciuche (left), the wonderful violinist from Teatrul Bacovia along with another of the theatre's actors named Stefan (I hope that I'm spelling his name correctly).  Because Aaron Braxton, the only American actor in this year's festival was cening oming in just two days from then, we went to the apartment that Gabriel Dutu and his wife Adriana have in the the city. 

That evening, we met friends of both Justin and Gabriel's who suggested that we go to a Lebanese restaurant called Beruit. 

Had fabulous food there - hummus, tabbouleh and some fried raviolis stuffed with a minced meat mixture.   The Romanian friends were wonderful dinner companions and were generous with speaking English - or Englaza (phonetic spelling) as they say here.
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