Monday, March 8, 2010

It's Circus Time

Why you may ask?  Because I'm juggling again - this time with both theatre and visual art.  I've been selected to be a reader for the National Endowment for the Arts New Play Development Project that is being administered by Arena Stage in Washington DC.  This isn't just reading the plays, but also writing synopsizes and rating (1-5 gets kicked out - 6 to 10 means another read by someone else) and then giving feedback on what we liked, what was confusing and what was just plain bad. (#NewPlay)

This has been an interesting project for me as both a director and a playwright.  I'm seeing what has made it to the beginning round and what will survive for the next one.  I know that there will be that special play for me to direct for someone.  But this post will be short as I have more reading to do.  I have to finish my batch by March 15th which is only a week away!

I'm also working on my portraits for the Women's Wisdom Art Portrait Project - where photographer George Streng and I have taken photos of the women who are both students and teachers (and the one male teacher), along with photos of their art work which we will incorporate into the portraits in a more post modern manner. The first showing of these will be in June at Tangent Gallery in Sacramento and then again in August at the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Resource Center.

But since I'm going to Romania again to be a judge at Teatrul Bacovia's one-person show competition and festival, that means I need to finish all the portraits by April 10th or so.  While I can't wait to catch up with my theatre "peeps" back in Bacau, it also means that I really need to move on these portraits. 

There is at least one American who will present his one man show in Bacau, Aaron Braxton from the Los Angeles area.  I'd like to send out a news release or two on the two of us going to the festival.  And then I got an email from my pal Fernando, editor of the American Art World Magazine - an online arts publication in which I've already had one piece of artwork published!  They want to publish another piece of my art work!  He'll let me know when later... but you can translate it into English.  I'm once more honored to have my work in a publication from Buenes Aires, Argentina!

OK, so now you know why I haven't been as good about blogging lately, and back to work juggling! Cue the circus music.

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