Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love to Hate & My Former Life as a Dancer

That's the theme of the show at Tangent Gallery for February's 2nd Saturday on the 13th.  Tangent is a wonderful gallery run by two fabulous artists: Gioia Fonda and Ianna Frisby!  OK, you're definitely getting the feeling that I really love this gallery space and it's NOT because they chose two of my works (Death of a Toxic Relationship and Sexual Mystery #3) for the show either.  It's because having run a gallery coop with five other artists, I know what a tough job it can be for just the two of them.  And they're wonderful artists themselves and great people to boot.  Check out their website.

So add Tangent to your 2nd Saturday venue list if you live in Sacramento.  They are located south of Broadway on Franklin (2900 Franklin) near 4th Ave.  It's in that area that straddles Oak Park and Curtis Park.  If you don't live in Sacramento and are wondering about the digital art and digital mixed media pieces I have in the show, you'll have to wait for me to post them here next week.

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Although I'm writing mostly about visual art and video work, I'm cross-trained in theatre and dance.  Back, way back, in the 70s I was in Robin Cole's dance company called the Eternal Circle Dance Theatre in Colorado Springs.  Even though I was a chubby teenager with my hair in pigtails (somethings never change, pigtails that is) I seemed to have an affinity for modern dance.  It came easily and naturally to me, like acting has always done.  A back injury after performing and choreographing for only 4 or 5 years took me away from my first artistic love, but the fire has always burned deep inside.''

That's why I was overjoyed when I discovered Viewpoints work for creating and staging theatre and performance pieces.  I was lucky enough to do a workshop with Ann Bogart and her SITI company one weekend in San Francisco plus a two-week workshop with Mary Overlies in Basin, Montana in the late 90s.  Let me tell you how I wished I had video taped the audience of that small mining town who watched our avant garde  movement scores with dialogue.  Even when I don't have time to do a through Viewpoints training with the actors, I generally use some aspect of it when I direct.

So imagine my joy when I found out the Joe Goode Performance Group was giving a workshop last weekend in San Francisco!  And it even talked about how actors loved and used what they had learned in there.  So, I jumped on the chance to work with this great group that I saw this past summer at the SF Mint.

Of course I'm the oldest person in the room when I arrive and look around at all the 20 and 30 somethings and a smattering of the 40s.  OK, I say to myself, you don't have to do everything.  Work to your limits and don't feel bad about sitting some things out.  However the heady joy of movement soon begain whispering in my ear to keep going.  After  the first five hour class, I didn't feel so bad the next day.  But after the 3rd one, I had to pull back.  The body isn't as resilient as it was 30 years ago.  But having the opportunity to do an improve with Joe himself was joy beyond measure.

Of course this is fanning the flames of performance within my creative soul.  I'm involved with a group of Reno friends who are making a musical about FaceBook, paranoia, faith and serendipity that will be performed at NadaDada Motel the 3rd week of June in Reno, but I'm also harboring fantasies about  doing some performance here in Sacramento... stay tuned...

Joe Goode Performance Group will be at the Mondavi Center in Davis from Feb 24 to the 26 and I highly recommend seeing them.  They are innovative, spirited and just damn good.    To close I thought I'd post one of the only remaining photos of my days as a modern dancer.  It's my former husband Patrick and me in a duet called "Rutabaga Nightmare", I do think we set it to some Pink Floyd music.

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