Friday, February 19, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action

Hope everyone has had a fine week after their 3-day weekends.  Woe is the freelancer who doesn't get a pay check and vacation days, as she is doomed to probably work those days unless she gets the hell out of town.  Which is what I did.  Last Sunday, we shot my scenes for a student film called "And the Crowd Goes..." in a beautiful little theatre in Carmel Valley.  The writer/director is Wesley Clark who is originally from the Sacramento region but finishing up school at the UC at Monterey Bay.

 Wesley is the one in the cap, I've forgotten the other crew member's name - sorry.

It's a quirky, little short and I play this truly mean character.  She doesn't have much heart or soul, but she's supposed to be that way.  It's not as hard as you think to play an evil character.  If one believes the Jungian psychological theories, we are yin and yang, male and female, good and evil and our lesson in life is to integrate those dualities so we're not jerks - that is be aware of our dark sides but live our light sides.  So when I play those nasty ladies, I can safely cavort in my dark side.  Well, it works for me.

Got to work with a really nice guy - Remi - who played my hubby.  Here is a photo I took of Wesley telling Remi what he wanted to see in the scene.

The short will premiere in Monterey in mid May.  It was a great experience working with Wesley and I hope that he goes on to be the filmmaker that he dreams of.  It's always fun to help younger artists realize their dreams?

But one place where artistic dreams are not going to continue at is the venerable New Langdon Arts in San Franicsco.  Intrepid art  blogger, Paddy Johnson of Art Fag City, posted some links in her blog to the SF MOMA blog with the story.  It's such a shame to see an institution like that simply disappear.  Paddy was in the area because of the show "Haute Romantics" that she curated which is over at Verge Gallery.  It's a very interesting show and I'm bummed that I missed Paddy's talk last night at Verge.  One thing that I loved about the show was the video that was playing there.  Who says Art can't be Funny!
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