Wednesday, February 3, 2010

From Finland to San Diego to Sacramento to Haiti to WIsconsin

Technology can be an artist's best friend, not only in promoting one's work, but also in seeing the work of others in spots around the world.  Today's post takes us on a journey from the work of Russian artists in Finland to an interview with digital artist Joe Nalven to another digital artist here in Sacramento, Devalyn Marshall.

Saksala ArtRadius is an art center in Finland where two Russian artists, Ludmila Belova and Nadya Zubarevatake us on a tour of Finland's first and only labyrinth or maze.  They have shot some wonderful photos of the maze at night in winter.  Special thanks to Marja de Jong, Artist, Founder, Owner and Director of the Saksala Art Radius for posting about this on the Visual Artists and their Advocates group over at Linked In.

Strap on your jet pack for a ride over to the other side of the world, San Diego, California, home base for digital artist and found of the Yahoo Digital Arts Guild, Joe Nalven.  He was interviewed by Art Digital Magazine.  It's an interesting look at his journey as an artist.

Closer to home, my home that is right now, my friend Devalyn Marshall has just published a book of her digital art work called Digital Curiosities.   Her work is mostly fractal-based and the book is an interesting look at how another artist's brain works.

Another artist friend and photographer also has a new book of his work out now, Tomasz Kiebzak has published Zen and the Art of Modern Photography.  He's a wonderful photographer and also an abstract painter.

If you are an artist and have a little 5x7" (13cms x 18cms) piece that you'd like to donate to help the folks in Haiti, and can send them something by next week or no later than February 22, mail it to:
Monkdogz Urban Art Inc
Haiti Art Fund
P.O.Box 1440
Port Washington New York 11050

If you can donate, they would also like you to send a jpg of the work to

Here is a fractal that I'm working with to create an album cover for Mike Crain's latest music.

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