Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Get Your PR On

Right.  This sounds like a title for my other blog that deals with PR, but it's not.  This post is about how to get your work out there and how to approach galleries, especially those in New York.  Since that is one of my future goals, I was surprised to learn that one of the PR techniques I was using is a complete no-no!  I've been sending out my art show post cards to other galleries that I had hoped would notice me.

In the post at the Artsy Shark blog by guest blogger Rhonda Schaller, an artist, gallerist, and the Assistant Director of Career Development at New York’s School of Visual Arts, she says:
"Stop sending unsolicited jpegs and slides to hundreds of galleries that you do not know. Stop sending unsolicited emails with jpegs. Stop sending unsolicited packets in the mail. Stop going into galleries with a CD or your portfolio in hand and asking them to look at it, and being insulted when they say no. STOP. STOP. STOP."

OK, I didn't send packets or emails, but there were those postcards, which hopefully got recycled.  So click on the link and get the best advise that I've seen in ages about managing your career as an artist.  Special thanks to Carolyn Edlund,who is on one of my Linked-In groups for posting this!

Now, for your art of the day, may I present "Ghost Horse Colorado"

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