Friday, January 29, 2010

Football and Art?

Bet you thought you'd never read a headline like that on my blog... hehehehe.  Well the only reason I post this is because I just found out about the art bet between the directors of art museums in Indianapolis and New Orleans!  I guess those are the cities where the Stupid Bowl, er Super Bowl is taking place.  Can you tell I'm not a sports fan?  I don't know why that came to be as my mom was a big sports nut and so is my baby brother.... hmmm ... let me think a little longer on that one.

Well you can thank Twitter for my recent education.  And you thought it was only a time wasting portal on the web; a place to go to avoid work.  Well it's all that and more.  To be specific I need to give a BIG shout-out to Tyler Green and his Modern Art Notes blog.  He makes some very salient points about the idiotic musings of the sports reporters that he's read/listened to/seen (that covers print, web, radio and TV).

As for moi... got some very good news today from Tangent Gallery!  Both of my submissions to their February Love to Hate show were accepted!  Sorry I won't be there for 2nd Sat.  I have to be down in Monterey to be in a small short film that weekend.  But here is one of the pieces called Sexual Mystery #3.

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