Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Come to Viewpoint Gallery on 2nd Saturday

Not only will you find a great show there... but I will have some new work there, some all matted and ready to go.  Viewpoint is on J St in midtown Sacto between 20th and 21st Streets:  2015 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95811-3124      (916) 441-2341

I've got a selection of both black and white, hardly manipulated photos to color photos to downright digital collage - but all work is based in photography.  Why talk about them, when I can show you?  Prices range from $75 to $15.  All you need to do is go to the gallery and ask to see the work in Ann Tracy's drawer!

Cally Lilly

  American River Bannon Slough
Dream of Tulum Ruins
Electric Landscape 
Ghost Horse Colorado 
  Heart of the Matter
Homage to Joseph Beuys 

New York Day

New York Night


Something strange is going on with blogger right now... it won't let me label the images...  But do check them out in person....
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