Thursday, December 3, 2009

Burn the Art, Not the Duck

I think it was the 2nd time that I went to the Burning Man Festival out in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada (north of Reno) that I saw a beautiful, huge, balsa-wood duck.  It was as big as a car, or maybe bigger.  And I think that someone sat inside it and drove it around.

This was back in 1997 I do believe.  At that point in time, the Fest was a little less controlled than it is now.  Back then anything out on the playa near The Man was fair game to be burned.  So when it got dark, I was surprised, no horrified, so see that the duck was traveling out to the playa center - the "we'll burn anything" zone.  It was late that night and I was bushed from riding my bike all around Black Rock City, so I decided to let the rave music rock me to sleep.  One of our camp mates - my good friend Art, owner of Luna's Cafe here in Sacramento, go there for lunch sometime - decided to stay up and go out and shoot photos.  As Art walked away from our rented RV, I could hear people yelling  "Burn the duck".

Apparently the guys who built that duck didn't understand the burning rules - if it's out on the playa and if a flamethrower is near it, bring your marshmallows!  A little bit of research on the Burning Man site, showed that it was called Trojan Duck Lounge by Robert Burke.  Robert, I was sorely afraid for you and the duck.  But the next morning Art reported that the duck was safe - whew!

So I think this is the windiest into to just about anything I've written lately.  Aside aside, I want to thank Paddy Johnson of ArtFagCity who is down in Miami at Art Basel Miami Beach for this link

Wish I could be there to "feel the glow".

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