Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Art Basel Miami Beach

I think they call this international art fair Art Basel Miami because it's too damn cold in Switzerland this time of year and this way gallery owners and artists get an opportunity to write off a trip to Florida! There was an article and slide show at the Art Info website and I pulled out a couple of  photos of work that I think really express the times we are living in.

All this talk about the economy was probably the genesis of this piece.     At least that's what I thought until I went back and looked at the name of the artist - Cildo Meireles, Zero dollar (1978-84).  OMG, Cildo died in 1984.  But like many works of art, I guess this is just timeless.

And then there's this piece by Kirsten Pieroth, Inflated Dinghy (2009). Harmonica, rubber dinghy, hose, and video. My question to you is does this make music?  Looks like you could fill the boat with air and just let it deflate into the accordion - which they are calling a harmonica?  It's a German gallery that is showing this so it could be a language glitch.

I also liked Gerhard Richter's abstract painting, plus works by Robert Longo, Barbara Kreuger and John Baldessari. But these are only the picks from the Art Info folks.  One of these days I will go there myself,  with my own work, which will sell like hotcakes and get me a wonderful high profile gallery.  Girl can dream can't she?

Will be interesting to compare the faves of with those of Paddy over at the Art Fag City blog.

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