Thursday, November 5, 2009


It's the Blog Blast for Peace today.  You might wonder about the reason that I designed my peace globe with the image of a Muslim woman on it.

Peace be upon all Islamic women in this day and age of fear, anger, hostility and rage toward them.

I have a facebook friend who is not religious and is a student from the United Arab Emirates.   She shared a scene about her mother and father with us.  This scene showed how women are not treated well in the Islamic world because of how some Imams are using religion in the name of politics. 

I think that women must lead us to a world of peace, even if Barak Obama did receive the peace prize.  After all, the men haven't done such a great job.  Or should I say the men who have not recognized their female side.  We all have differing degrees of male and female sides, and it's in the balance that we will find peace.
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