Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Moving bodies through space

This Saturday, it's off to San Francisco, Bernal Heights Park to be exact for a rehearsal for a film project I'm involved in.  Not your run-of-the-mill narrative film, but some actual  video art!!!  Whoo Hooo.  Can you tell that I'm really jazzed about working with Renee Rhodes on her new film?  Got an email from her today with this LINK

Pretty exciting that we haven't even had a rehearsal and she's getting some major press on the project.  I don't think she'll have too many problems getting this into festivals etc.  She's a very interesting artist, who shares my love of movement, photography and video.  This is a LINK to her website.

I just might have to bring my little video camera with me and maybe shoot as I'm moving around at rehearsal...might create some interesting footage to be used at a later date.

And don't forget about new afforably priced art that I will be offering on Sat, 11/14 here

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