Sunday, November 29, 2009

Art from Left Overs??

Hope all you folks in the US had a great Thanksgiving. I'm still in Florida with the Sweet Hubby and his huge family not only celebrating the holiday but also his aunt Lu's 90th birthday.  We had Thanksgiving dinner at the community hall of her mobile home park along with 30 of the relatives and some of the other residents.  But instead of the traditional pumpkin and fruit pies, we had chocolate birthday cake!

As you can tell I wasn't the only one taking photos...

When we get home, late tomorrow, I'll begin preparations for "another turkey dinner that couldn't be beat" (lyrics from Arlo Gutherie's "Alice's Restaurant").  No matter how well something is catered, there is nothing like roasting a turkey at home and making gravy in one's own kitchen, for the aromas if nothing else! When I checked on my email this morning, I found THIS - which is making me think differently about the left overs. 

It also reminds me about one of my favorite artists,. Joseph Bueys, who sometimes worked with food-type substances.  In looking for an image to illustrate that, I stumbled upon this great blog (Art, Life, TV, Etc.)by Cheryl Bernstein.  Thanks Cheryl for making my search so easy and for your great post!
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