Wednesday, October 21, 2009

RIP Riki

Got some sad news this morning - one of my oldest friends passed this past weekend.  Riki Matthews was a dancer who I met when I first started taking classes with Robin Cole in Colorado Springs many years ago, back in the early 70s.

We lost touch over the years and restablished contact a couple of years ago via the internet.  She had a career as a dancer and choreographer and ran her own performance group in Denver for a number of years.  She taught English at the college level and was just a dissertation short of getting her PH.D, when she became disabled by fibromyalgia.  She also realized that she was anorxic as well.

If you go to her blog here, you'll see that she was a true progressive politically and socially.  I helped her with that blog since the disease had started to affect her mind, as well as her body.
She cared about the people, like herself, trying to survive on a pittance in this money crazed world we live in.  She was also a poet, as you can tell by many of her posts, who had a unique vision of the world and history.  She was curious about many things beyond the arts and literature.

We have lost a truly one-of-a-kind voice in the wilderness.  But now she is at peace and out of pain.  We will miss you Riki!
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