Monday, October 26, 2009

A Brief Respite

Have you ever had to switch computers and try to get all your stuff off one and have someone put it on the new machine?  Sounds very handy right?  Sure it does, until you realize that you have to stop using the computer in order to make that backup.  If you're like me, juggling a few projects, it's hard to choose a deadline.   It's gonna have to be tomorrow no matter what... so I might not be posting for the next week dear readers.

So for your dining and dancing pleasure, I'm gonna post a couple of random photos.

Remember when I went out to Fallon to see my friend Elaine Parks' show at the Churchill Arts Center?  They have a great art bar there and holding court over said bar is an "important" bull with a blue garter on one of it's horns.  I was told the bull was important but never got the whole story.

Elaine... it might be a couple more weeks before I get those photos to you... sorry it's taken that long.  I had to take some photos of Elaine and her wonderful ceramic work and am going to send her a CD with the images, after I get the computer swap completed.  She might be able to use them for any PR stuff she might do.

This photo is from the Eat Your Art Out fundraiser for the Sac Metro Arts Commission.  One of our stops was Mulvany's restaurant where we not only had great champagne and home-made motzarella cheese, but were entertained by a young troupe of modern dancers. 
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